Trilliumcourt Montessori
Best primary school in surulele

School Day

Gate opens at 6:30am. Preschool and Nursery pupils should be in class before 8am while Primary pupils should be in class by 7am.

No parent will be granted entry into their child’s class after this time.

  • Infant Group (Daycare and Toddlers)       6:30am to 7:30pm
  • Nursery (Preschool and Nursery)        8am-2pm
  • Primary (key stage 1 and 2)          7am-3pm
  • Extended care.              3pm- 6pm
  • Enrichment classes (Nur 1,2 and primary)  3pm- 4pm

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Late Pick-up

There is a grace period of 30 minutes available after the designated pick up time. After this period, a charge of 500 Naira per minute will apply.

Special Circumstances

If, on a rare occasion you need to pick up your child before closing time, written notice must be given on or before the morning of that day. If no written notice is received, your child may not be released.

Considerable reasons for absence from school: 

  • Religious observance
  • Emergency dental/medical appointment
  • Family bereavement
  • Extended family visits abroad
  • Difficulties caused by travel due to severe disruption from weather.
  • Sickness

Except in the case of illness, you should ask for permission for your child to miss school well in advance, giving full details. In cases of recurring absences through illness, you may be asked to produce a medical certificate.

Note: ALL/ANY other reasons for absence will not be considered

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