Trilliumcourt Montessori

Age Range: 0 – 12 months

Newborn/Infant group

In this section we have our:

  • Baby room which is designed to aid the child’s developmental needs and all the staff members in this section are qualified to provide the needed stimulus for growth. Your child will be provided with experiences relevant to their age or stage of development. At this stage, we aid and encourage physical, intellectual, social and emotional growth.
  • Our floor toys, activity mats, books, holistic baskets and construction boxes will help your child develop fine and gross motor control, whilst group activities such as painting, water play and play dough will aid in promoting confidence and self-awareness.

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Prior to your child beginning at TCM, we require that you provide us with a written routine for your child which should include:

  • Sleep and feeding patterns
  • Play and nurturing preferences (e.g. how your baby likes to be held or comforted, does she/he have a pet name etc).


    Babies and infants take a nap in our well-equipped and conducive cot room with baby monitors. Babies are also physically checked regularly whilst sleeping by trained care givers.


      • When your child is fully weaned and has been introduced to a variety of solids, TCM will provide nutritious lunch and snacks. All meals will be liquidized accordingly and you will be informed when your child’s meals should become less liquid. The menu is available for your perusal to indicate your preference. If not comfortable with the meal plan, you are to provide an alternative.NOTE:
        • Our balanced meals are prepared in our hygienic and well-equipped kitchen.
        • We do not provide milk or baby juice. All milk should come to the crèche in powder form (except for expressed breast milk), and your child’s bottle should be clearly labelled.
        • Milk, juice and all other food item will be placed in the refrigerator in the kitchen operated by the crèche, or under specified room temperature as the case may be.

        Care Book

        This will be given to you each day or sent via WhatsApp. It details your child’s day i.e. bottles taken, nap time, diaper changes etc. You are to please read, comment and place in your child’s bag for the next day. You are also encouraged to take out time to communicate with the caregivers daily.

        A settling period is recommended in order for you and your child to settle in well. You can liaise the Supervisor to schedule a time.


          • We need you to daily provide three changes of baby clothing in your child’s bag. All of your child’s belongings should be clearly labelled.

            Nursing Room

            Our nursing room is strategically situated next to the Baby Room and connected by a door. At TCM we encourage breast feeding mothers to come in and take advantage of our innovative, private and conducive facility specially carved out for them to breast feed and bond with their little gems during school hours.

              Diaper Change

              Please pack diapers, wipes and cream daily for your child. However, for convenience you may supply a bag of diapers every couple of weeks, a reminder will be placed in your care book when you are running low on the stated items. Diapers are changed regularly as and when necessary. The care givers who will carry out the diaper change will maintain good health and safety procedures such as the washing of hands before and after each diaper change amongst others.


                If your child uses a soother, blanket or comforter, these may be brought into the Crèche. However, we implore you to double check that the items are in your child’s bag before you leave the Crèche, during each pick up. All soothers will be placed in a sterile container in between use.


                  • Shoes are not allowed.
                  • Hair caps must be worn at all times.

                    Age Range: 12 – 18 months

                    Toddlers Class

                    Routines and Activities

                    The routine in the Toddlers’ Room is a little more structured. Appropriate activities are introduced to your child aiding all areas of development and in particular their intrinsic sense for independence and exploration. This is provided through short structured play programmes.

                    Arts, crafts, music, books, puzzles, tabletop toys, construction boxes, home play, water play and sand play are just some of the activities on offer. Regular outdoor activities take place in our secure astro turf play garden, under the watchful eyes of guides (weather permitting).

                    As they emerge from babyhood, toddlers require both a stimulating and nourishing environment to develop their mental skills. They are introduced to toilet training and advance motor skill.  Their fine motor skills continue to develop and they enjoy making marks and using a variety of materials.

                    Looking at picture books, labelling, sorting, and ordering, listening to stories and “conversation time” make language learning fun. These are all important steps in literacy. Self-help and independence soon emerge if adults support and encourage children in areas such as eating, dressing and toileting, etc.

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                    Due to the creative (but messy) activities that the children participate in, we do advise you to dress your child in appropriate clothes and to leave your child’s “Sunday Best” for Sundays!!

                    You are to pack spare clothes and underwear for your child to help aid the toilet training process.


                      We encourage your child to nap at least once a day, though they are allowed to sleep at any time during the day (this is dependent on the need of the child or the observation of the caregiver).

                      Nap time is between 12.30 and 1.30pm when all the children sleep in their own separate bed; these are special fire-retardant beds for their age range. * Parents are required to bring a Duvet/Blanket for their child, this will not be provided by the school.

                        Care Book/Report

                        A “care book” is filled everyday detailing your child’s day i.e. number of bottles taken, diapers used etc.

                        A detailed written report will be made available to you every three months outlining your child’s progress, needs and interests


                        Due to the uniqueness of every child, developmental stages or signs differ. Anxiety for this will only put the child and the parent under undue pressure. The school and staff are willing and available to discuss progress and growth. Trust us to care for your child.