Trilliumcourt Montessori


School Programmes

We offer four main programmes:
- Infant Group (Daycare and Toddlers)
- Nursery (Preschool and Nursery)
- Primary (key stage 1 and 2)
- Extended care



Our Admission process is easy and quick.
Pick up forms at the school after due consultation with the TCM Administrative Team. After which you will be taken on a tour round our facility.


School Days

- Infant Group: 6:30am - 7:30pm
- Nursery: 8am - 2pm
- Primary: 7am - 3pm
- Extended care: 3pm- 6pm
- Enrichment classes: 3pm- 4pm


About Trillium
Court Montessori

Trillium Court Montessori is a Registered Childcare, to provide quality Creche, Pre School, Kindergarten, Primary School and Extended Care services located in Surulere, Lagos.

At Trillium Court Montessori School, we are dedicated to providing a happy, caring, secure and learning enriched environment for every child and parent.

Our qualified staff members continuously work to create a challenging, nurturing and relaxed environment, with emphasis on teamwork, fun, imagination and achievement, providing a second home for your child.


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Trillium Court Montessori Programmes

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